Stripes are one the sassiest trends this summer season. From quirky tops to finely patterned dresses, you will find stripes anywhere and everywhere as this snappy trend is here to stay. Stripes can instantly infuse an air of nippiness in the most subtle manner ever. Isn’t this why we all love this gem of a trend?  

If you haven’t already indulged yourself in stripes, it’s time you do it! You ask why? Well, read on to know more about the charm this enthralling trend carries.

1.A Blend of Both Worlds

Want to keep your appearance minimalistic for an occasion yet showcase that quirky side of yours? Don a funky stripped shift dress or any other stripped attire and simply match it up with a pair of stilettos for an alluring finish.

2.Myriad of Mesmerizing Patterns

Stripes come in a breathtaking array of bold patterns. From peppy delicate stripes to broader exquisite ones, you can find them in a myriad of truly stylish patterns. The colour combination available for stripes is kept unique to turn up their charm a few notches higher.

3.Youthful Vibes

Whether you wear an alluring cold shoulder top in vivid hues or a classic black and white maxi dress, any stripped attire is only going to amp up the sassiness of your looks.

4.You are the showstopper

Bold stripes when carried confidently, can grab any on-goers attention in a snap! You won’t even need to adorn your stunning outfit with any fancy accessorizes, a simple pair of cute earrings and subtle heels will spell the charm in an effortless manner.

5.My Way or the Highway!

For a classic chic appearance, you can team a quirky stripped top with a pair of ripped denim shorts or a flared skirt. For creating a casual laid-back look, style a stripped top with comfy plain pants or simply wear a pretty maxi stripped dress. Let your quirky side be flaunted with utmost panache in cool, sensational strips. Pick unique colour combinations to make a playful edgy appearance or opt for the quintessential classic hues, for a subtle yet eccentric look.

Stripes are all about experimenting vivaciously and accessorizing impeccably. A finely stripped attire can be styled in a range of peppy ways and this factor is what probably makes strips such a successful trend worldwide. So, go ahead and create your personalized stripes collection today.