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Terms and Conditions

1) General Considerations and Scope

Ellemora, 1- Tulsi Nagar, Pilibhit By-pass Road, Opposite Rohilkhand University, Bareilly – 243006 maintains the internet portal www.ellemora.com, a fashion online store. On Ellemora, customers will only be offered goods. These goods are directed only at the end users of legal age and normal household quantities. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all the contracts, i.e. the members using ellemora.com as well as the general business relationships between Ellemora and its customers. We do not accept any other Terms and Conditions unless specifically stated otherwise. If we have mentioned somewhere ‘Working Days’ by that we refer to all the weekdays except for Saturday and Sunday and all other statutory holidays.

2) Use of Ellemora.com

  1. While registering as a customer with Ellemora, you will be asked to submit your personal data. You should ensure that all the data is complete and correct. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation of your registration via email. To access the online service on ellemora.com you will receive a password. This password should be kept confidential and protected to avoid access by any unauthorized third party. Moreover, Ellemora reserves the right to refuse the registration of any user without any clarifications.
  2. You agree on giving Ellemora complete authority of using all exclusive rights of use over time, space and content without any restrictions. This includes transfer to a third party whom Ellemora may require for publication and dissemination. Ellemora is completely entitled to store or release content as well as reserves the right of cancellation, reduction, modification or correction of such content.
  3. You are not allowed to use ellemora.com with the intent of disrupting or manipulating particular technical processes. If a user is found seeking unjustified advantages to the detriment of Ellemora will result in an immediate loss of the right to purchase on Ellemora. Furthermore, the customer’s account will also be revoked.
  4. Ellemora gives the permission of registering and using membership through only one account at a time. Multiple registrations will be deleted by Ellemora.
  5. In case, Ellemora finds you violating any provisions mentioned in Section 2 you may receive a warning, to terminate your membership or to modify or delete the content that you have submitted.


3) Contractual Partners, Language, and Conclusion of Contract

  1. The conclusion of contracts on ellemora.com holds Ellemora as your sole contractual partner.
  2. Ellemora.com is operated only in English. The contracts with ellemora.com are concluded exclusively in English.
  3. When you submit orders by clicking “order or buy now” you make a binding contract offer to Ellemora. Once you submit your order, you will receive a confirmation email from Ellemora. This confirmation email does not signify the acceptance of the contract. However, the declaration of acceptance of this contract resides in the shipping of the goods. Same is the case for orders which constitute multiple items.
  4. If prices are displayed incorrectly on any item, due to technical errors, then Ellemora is entitled to an action for nullification. The burden of proof regarding any error lies only with Ellemora. In case some payment is already made from the side of a customer, they will be refunded immediately.


4) Prices and Shipping Fees

    1. The prices which are listed on the product page apply however, these prices are exclusive of taxes and the final price (inclusive of taxes) in displayed on the shopping cart page while purchasing the item.
    2. To return a product, contact Ellemora’s customer support service or mail us at contact@ellemora.com for any assistance.


5) Payments

      1. Ellemora provides various payment methods. These include credit card, debit card and net banking payment in advance and Cash on Delivery. However, it should be noted that Ellemora reserves the right of referring other payment methods while excluding a specific payment mode.
      2. Ellemora accepts every popular credit card including Visa, American Express, and Master Card. After the receipt and dispatch of the order, Ellemora will immediately charge the invoice from your credit card.


6) Vouchers

      1. All the provisions that are mentioned in this section apply for Ellemora. Both kinds of vouchers are included under this section. The vouchers which were given as a result of a purchase of an invited friend on Ellemora.com and the vouchers individually assigned to customers.
      2. These vouchers come with validity for a specific time period, i.e. the period announced at the time of issuing or a maximum of 180 days from the time of issuance. It should be noted that these vouchers cannot be extended or transferred to another user/customer.
      3. These vouchers cannot be transferred.
      4. Vouchers are exclusive from deduction of shipping costs, if applicable.
      5. Should the price of your order exceed the balance in a voucher, you can compensate the difference through the payment methods available. If the price of your item exceeds the balance in your voucher then, you can opt for paying the difference by opting for any other payment method available.
      6. Only one coupon per order is applicable
      7. These vouchers can be bought through cash or interest.
      8. The vouchers once issued, cannot be refunded. They will be refunded only in the case when you return the ordered product wholly or partly. Also, of the products are delivered in parts.
      9. The vouchers which have gotten lost or stolen from the customer will not be refunded. Ellemora holds no liability for any lost voucher.


7) Delivery

      1. The ordered product will be delivered only to the mentioned shipping address. The responsibility of making it possible to ship to the address during normal working hours lies with you.
      2. Ellemora ships every order in about 2-3 days after the placement of order. Although, we try to ship the placed order as soon as possible, yet there are few products for which the timelines are longer due to the availability of the products.
      3. There are several cases of force majeure during which the shipping duration may increase. These cases include strike, official intervention, exclusion, energy or resource scarcity, shipping difficulties, business complications such as fire or water damage to machinery, lightning or any other unforeseeable business complications for which Ellemora cannot be held responsible for. The start and end points of such shipping impediments will be immediately informed by Ellemora.
      4. After a delivery fails three times through the fault of the customer, Ellemora holds the right to cancel the contract. The payments already made will be refunded or store credit will be initiated, depending on the scenario.
      5. In case the ordered product was delivered damage in the transport then immediately inform the deliverer and Ellemora about it. This although has no effect on your warranty rights but helps Ellemora in making its own claims against the supplier.
      6. Ellemora has a delivery policy of 7-10 days. The estimated delivery time will be mentioned once the order is confirmed by us.
      7. Ellemora has a 15 days return policy. The ordered product needs to be returned within 15 days with the tags intact and the condition of the product should remain same as when delivered.
      8. Upon reception of the refunded product and after a thorough quality check, Ellemora can refund shopping points worth the same cost to the user's Ellemora account or to the user's bank account in 15-20 working days from the reception of the product at Ellemora. 


8) Retention of Title

Once full payment is made by the customer, the ownership for the product purchased is transferred to the customer.


9) Liabilities

Ellemora is liable only for the intent and gross negligence unless there are fraudulently concealed damages, damages for loss of life, limb or health or damage arising from any infringement of essential contractual obligations. The same applies to violations by our agents.


10) Service and Complaints

 We aim at satisfying every customer of ours. Therefore, we try to get back to your concerns and enquiry as soon as possible. In case of any inquiry, please contact us at contact@ellemora.com  


11) Disclaimer for Hypertext Links

You may find hyperlinks in our website which may direct you to other internet websites. Ellemora does not endorse any such website and neither is it responsible for the content these websites hold. As soon as Ellemora becomes aware of any illegal content present on the website, we will remove the corresponding links.


12) Data Security

While registering as a member on Ellemora.com, you will be asked to provide personal data. The data which is asked during the registration is required by Ellemora in order to process the various contracts concluded on ellemora.com. All the personal information is kept confidential and will be treated by Ellemora in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. In order to safeguard your privacy in online payment transactions, Ellemora uses only the latest encryption techniques in the payment gateways.


13) Image Rights

The rights of using imagery or any material present in whatever form on ellemora.com lie only with Ellemora or with our partners. Unless explicit permission is granted from Ellemora, usage of any material is prohibited.


14) Cancellation Policy

      1. It should be noted that there may be certain orders that we will be unable to accept and thereby, will be cancelled. Ellemora holds the right to refuse or cancel any specific order for any reason. Some cases which may result in the cancellation of an order include limitations on quantities available for purchase, issues identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department, errors in the product or pricing information, or any defect found in the quality of the product. Also, Ellemora may require some additional verification before the acceptance of an order. Furthermore, if your order is cancelled after payment through credit card then, the said amount will be refunded back to the card’s account. Same applies in the case of the cancellation of any type of voucher.
      2. If Ellemora receives a cancellation notice while the time when the order has not been dispatched by us, then we shall cancel the order and refund the entire amount. Orders can only be refunded in the mode of payment used at the time of purchase. If a voucher was used by a customer for the payment of the order which was later on cancelled, for such cases Ellemora holds the right to not refund the voucher.
      3. In case of refunds kindly write an email to support@ellemora.com and enclose your shipment number and our customer care executives will get back to you shortly. Please note that we have no refund policy on discounted products.


15)  Final Provision

    1. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be legally void, under such a case the whole contract cannot be termed as being invalid. Instead, the specific invalid provision shall be replaced with a legally valid one with having the same economic purpose. The same applies to any possible gaps in the contract.
    2. Ellemora holds the right to amend any of these Terms and Conditions for future business. Some unreasonable changes have been excluded from this including the main benefits owed, which would be subject to a contract modification. If any changes are made in the Terms and Conditions of Ellemora, you will be duly notified. If we do not receive any contraction in the amended Terms and Conditions within two weeks from the day of published notification, the amended changes shall then be deemed accepted by you.