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Your Story
Your Style

The journey of Amiltus Fashions Pvt Ltd and Ellemora were more than a brand—it is a narrative, it’s always about you. Every woman deserves to feel elegant with a taste of finery that doesn’t feel untouchable. We aspire to introduce you to an expansive assortment of occasional designer ensembles meticulously curated for diverse Indian occasions.

Recognizing the difficulties associated with accessing superior, stylish pieces at accessible prices, Ellemora presents unparalleled craftsmanship and designs. Our bespoke services aim to grant exclusivity as we meticulously tailor garments to match your distinct preferences and personality.

Through the blend of our vision and your individuality, we craft a story that highlights the spirit of every occasion for you to take center stage.

Finery’s glow meets an approachable grace,
Ellemora’s realm crafts dream at an earthly pace.
On Customization’s canvas, your visions ignite, 
From thought to thread, they take their flight.
A tale of dreams, across the world they reach, 
In every stitch, the world’s beauty softly gleams.


A Promise By Ellemora

Exclusive. Effortless. Elegant.

Searching for the right outfit during weddings and celebrations can be chaotic. Finding something that matches our dreams often gets overpowered by high prices and mismatched designs.

This is where Ellemora takes the stage! Threading seamless excitement into your shopping journey while honoring your uniqueness, style, and wallet’s delight.

At Ellemora, we stitch emotions into attire, ensuring that your special moments are adorned with an elegance that mirrors your essence and aspirations.

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